Supply Chain turns ongoing creative endeavors into sustainable funds for racial, identity, gender, wealth, and land justice work in our community. As an art collective we intend to use our work to financially support organizations doing the groundwork, while also elevating their cause and the work they do. 

Our members firmly believe in mutual aid and the importance of balancing good wages for creative workers with giving back to the community. Acknowledging the disparity of representation in creative career opportunities in Madison, we seek to operate in a way that strengthens both artist’s and the organizations we fundraise for, not just financially but with ongoing work and exposure.

Future projects for sale on Supply Chain will be split between the artist who created it, an organization of their choice, and a small portion will go back into our collective. We will be operating on a no-profit basis, and will partially rely on volunteer work and fundraising so we can continue to provide the most financial support to our artists and partnered organizations.

Keep an eye out for our growth and ways to help out in the coming months!