Art Working Product Sample Pack

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Art Working Product Sample Pack

Full of goodies you can split up between multiple gifts or keep all for yourself, this pack has a little somethin for everybody. ArtWorking provides career-oriented support for artists with developmental disabilities. Artists are supported in ArtWorking's professional studio workspace, in addition to community and private settings. This ArtWorking product sample pack is valued at $140 and includes goodies from the following artists: Jennifer Sebranek, Ben Fleischman, Romano Johnson, James Roll, Seth Albertson, Matt Ward, Jacob Slovacek, Chloe Hougan, Dan Severson, Kaylanni Holt, Alex Hahn To learn more about ArtWorking and the artists they support check out

70% of sales from this product will go back to the artists
25% will go to Reparations Thrift
5% will go back into Supply Chain's ongoing work

To learn more about Reparations Thrift check out their instagram @reparations_thrift

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