Block Print Set for Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health

$15.00 - $30.00
Block Print Set for Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health

Pre-order available 8/19-8/26

High quality reproductions of hand-carved block prints by Sepi-Neon Shokri. Printed on 100 lb paper at 8"x10" each. All proceeds from print sales will go to Sepi, the Chicago based organization Coffee Hip-Hop & Mental Health, and a small portion will go back into Supply Chain for ongoing work.

Coffee Hip-Hop & Mental Health "...Serve[s] the people living in high-poverty neighborhoods like Chicago and other US cities who are typically exposed to multiple on-going traumas, such as generational school failure, drug abuse, incarceration, and violence in and out of the home." To find out more about how they work and what they do check out:

*Please note this is a pre-order. Allow time for printing and shipping after the sale closes on 8/26. Thank you