Breakup with your Racist boyfriend by Channing Smith

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Breakup with your Racist boyfriend by Channing Smith

11x14 High Res CMYK Print on Cardstock by Channing Smith are now available for pre-order!

40% of proceeds will go to Channing Smith, 45% to Freedom Inc., and 15% to Supply Chain for ongoing work.

Channing Smith is a Madison WI based multimedia storyteller and illustrator who recently graduated from UW Madison. She has a passion for storytelling and using her art to advocate and educate about causes she believes in. For commissioned work, you can check out or @artchanning on Instagram. A selection of Channing's prints, stickers, ceramics and rugs are available at Upshift on Johnson Street.

Freedom, Inc. is a non-profit organization that works with low- to no-income communities of color. Their mission is to achieve social justice through coupling direct services with leadership development and community organizing that will bring about social, political, cultural, and economic change resulting in the end of violence against women, gender-non-conforming and transgender folks, and children within communities of color. To donate directly, go to their current campaign page -