Local Walnut Wands

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Local Walnut Wands

Locally sourced walnut wood from the Madison area, magically turned into wands! Each wand is one of a kind and handmade from Mim and Wells. These are perfect for the magical practitioner in your life who likes to keep it local. To see more magical workings and other wooden wares from Mim and Wells check out www.etsy.com/ie/shop/MimandWells

*Wand item numbers correspond with the order of the photos.

25% of proceeds from this sale go to OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center
70% go back to the creator
5% go into Supply Chain to sustain our ongoing work

To learn more about OutReach's mission or to donate directly go to www.outreachmadisonlgbt.org

***PLEASE PLAN YOUR ORDERS AHEAD AND BE PATIENT. Supply Chain is completely volunteer run, and orders will be shipped out once a week. Thank you!