Mushroom Stained Glass

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Mushroom Stained Glass

These beautiful pieces are handmade by Silke Noel, and are perfect for the fungi lover in your life. They include chains so they're ready to hang in any window or door to bring a little extra cheer with the sunlight. For more work, or to commission a stained glass piece check out Silke's etsy here:

*Choice of colors are based off cap colors

25% of proceeds from this sale go to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin
70% go back to the creator
5% go into Supply Chain to sustain our ongoing work

To learn more about Planned Parenthood and their missions, or to donate directly go to:

Shipping rates reflect the size, weight, and fragility of this product

***PLEASE PLAN YOUR ORDERS AHEAD AND BE PATIENT. Supply Chain is completely volunteer run, and orders will be shipped out once a week. Thank you!